10/29/20181 min read

person holding pink and yellow flower
person holding pink and yellow flower

The lotus

As I am sitting here in retrospective thought, hindsight is 20 20. But is it really? I mean whats done is done, you just have a better ability to analyze it after it happens. My tiger lotus bloomed, and I thought nothing of it other than seeking to soothe my ego once again, for nature doing what its supposed to do anyway. And then, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Rise above all things and be beautiful!, The old Buddhist proverb, be like a lotus unsullied and pure. I’m speechless.

The universe has an odd way of conveying messages. Odd in the sense that its 2 a.m. as I compose this, and I am looking at a flower that in all honesty is not supposed to be here, I don’t have any of the equipment needed to elicit the response that it gave me, which is what makes this so monumental. I parallel my life to the most abstract things. Less than ideal conditions, (check), rising above all odds (check), not fitting into any specific mold or anticipated outcome based on similar data,(check) and the list goes on. But here I sit looking at a beacon of perfection that the universe materializes out of chaos, out of nothingness, tirelessly demonstrating a knack for using what could be considered as broken things, to show you the secrets to beauty. Using “less than Ideal conditions” to repair, mend, and heal. these words or ideas, have similar meanings however, each word means something else in its own context and the context is subjective. I know how they pertain to me. Imagine being born in mud, living in a swamp, and rising above your environment, without smudge or blemish. To do that is to be a Lotus. You can learn a lot from nature, it's really not that heavy of a concept, sometimes all you have to do is sit down, shut up, observe, and listen. BE A LOTUS

Until next time, keep tanking and stay beautiful.


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