Some Good Learning

Foreground Plants

Foreground plants are a nice expression in any setup while not required the word more details the growing conditions of the plants in this category to help you understand where to plant them so you can enjoy them, more or less. Shorter plants with high to medium light requirements make up the majority of foreground plants, however, this rule is not cut and dry. For instance, depending on the size of your tank and the look you desire mid ground plants could be scaled up to become the foreground plants as well. But as a rule, any low growing plant is what we agree to be considered a foreground plant.

Mid-ground Plants

Mid ground plants are the life of the tank they convey movement and the variety of groupings and types are limitless, they lend the “fullness” to your scape and make the filler for the majority of you setup. These plants have light requirements that vary with medium to high being the most common.

Background Plants

These plants are considered the BIG BOYS of your scape they lend depth and scale to your scape and are best placed as a back drop for your aquatic art, they tend to have a vigorous growth habit and a large size as well these plants are best when used in small groups to accentuate their growth habit.