At Warrior Planted Tanks, I am passionate about creating stunning aquariums. With a focus on sustainability, I "curate an experience". That truly brings nature into your home or office.

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I'm a hobbyist, a creator, and a horticulture student, on a mission for ecology and sustainability. Through the years, I have learned how to make AMAZING Aquariums – both Saltwater and Freshwater. My focus has shifted to planted tanks since this has always been my favorite area of the hobby. As a father, Veteran, and business owner, I bring a no-nonsense, INCLUSIVE approach to aquariums.

My mission: Is to promote sustainability and inspire a new generation of minority aquarium hobbyists and young entrepreneurs to explore the natural world. By doing so, we can develop a greater appreciation for our home on Earth. I firmly believe that when we feel better, we are better. In order to achieve this, I will actively engage with individuals who may not have had the opportunity or exposure to the wonders of aquarium keeping and entrepreneurship. Through education, mentorship, and providing access to resources, I aim to create a supportive community that fosters growth, creativity, and a deep connection to nature. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment and build a more sustainable future.

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Dedicated to educating and passing knowledge for the aquarium hobby

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